Rob’s Newsletter # 4 December 2016

Mythology, food that makes us sick, Uruguayan Paul Simon, and the upside down fire!

Hello everyone and happy December!

As I continue to explore health, self-improvement, and life hacks, this newsletter compiles my top picks for what I’ve enjoyed the most this past month.

What I’m reading: The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell

It’s hard to overstate the brilliance of Joseph Campbell and the insights I’ve gleaned from him. Through a 287 page interview , Campbell illustrates the power of mythology to illuminate human life. Speaking to spiritual tradition, the role of presidents, Star Wars, and even Cabbage Patch dolls, Campbell reveals how “myth helps you to put your mind in touch with this experience of being alive.”

My podcast pick: The Unhealthy Truth: Robyn O’Brien on how food is making us sick (Tony Robbins Podcast)

Fast forward to minute 10:15 to hear former financial analyst Robyn O’Brien’s practical advice for anyone who wants to make the commitment to better health through food. In her work analyzing the food industry, she saw how food companies consistently replaced real ingredients with artificial ones to the determinant of public health. As a mother of four, she decided to take a stand for “a better, smarter food system.”

My music choice: The album Eco by Jorge Drexler

Drexler is a Uruguayan singer-songwriter, guitarist, and oh yeah, otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor). He’s like a South American Paul Simon, and he’s also the first Uruguayan to win an Academy Award. Find him on Spotify or YouTube

Life hack: The upside down fire!

Allow me to share with you my favorite life hack for the colder months: the upside down fire. In this short blog post, Tim Ferriss turns conventional fire-building wisdom (namely, the teepee method) literally upside down. I’ve been using this method for several years with great results. Stay warm!

Quote of the month: “To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” -Marie Forleo

I hope you enjoy some of these suggestions. Have a great December and keep in touch!