No Complaints Challenge

Can you go a week without complaining?

Under the umbrella of relaxation and stress reduction, I want to issue a new challenge that has dramatically improved my mental well-being, especially at work. I challenge you to go one full week without complaining. That’s right. Seven days. No complaints. This is something I have been experimenting with myself for several months and the effect on my thought process and general mood has been astounding. I got the idea from this post by Tim Ferriss. The basic idea is that when you catch yourself complaining, the count starts over. His challenge is for 21 days. I have been trying this since May and the longest I have gone is about 11 days. Let’s go for a realistic goal of 7 days. If you want to try the challenge, read his post and leave a comment here when you begin. Please also update us about your experience as you go!

It took me about a week of trying before I made it through an entire day. Actually, some of the best days were days that I found myself complaining, but then noticed it and asked myself how I could have said it differently. This meta-cognition (thinking about thinking) is what really began to change my thought patterns. I promise it will be interesting. Also, many of you have already been experimenting with this. Please feel free to comment retroactively about your experience or maybe even give it another shot.